What are our candles made of?

Our candles are made of premium soy wax. It is a perfect alternative to petroleum-based paraffin. Safe, natural, renewable and biodegradable, this wax makes our candles burn cleanly and consistently without detracting from your air quality. We also use 100% cotton wicks, and picked our essential oils and fragrance with care from high-quality ingredients, free of potentially harmful additives.

Are your products tax-free?

As small business owners, we're currently exempted of charging and collecting HST/GST. So, for now, you're saving money – Great news, eh? 

How can you add a hand-written message that will be sent with this candle?

Each one of our candles is placed in its elegant box with a sophisticated satin ribbon that will reveal a unique note hand-written on your behalf. You have 340 characters to share your memories with your loved ones. How do you do it?

  1. On the product page, click on "💌 Want us to handwrite a note on your behalf?"
  2. Add your message and click on Checkout; we will take care of the rest! 

Can you give your candle a second life?

Of course, you can, and we recommend it so! It's easy to clean with just some soap and water, so you can make sure you give a second life to the candles you bought. Here is a quick tip for you: once it only remains 1/2 inch of wax, stop using it. The wax shrinks at cold temperature, so place it overnight in your refrigerator. Take out the candle the next day and gently tap the candle upside down on a paper towel so the wax can slide out. Then let it warm at room temperature and wash it with soap and water – easy! The jars used in the Live in the moment's collection make perfect whisky glasses, while the amber ones are amazing for your pumpkin seeds or whatever you want to store in!

Is there anything you need to know before lighting it up?

Yes, there is! Keep in mind that the first burn is the most important one, as it will set the tone for the rest of its candle life. Candles (and soy wax, in particular, because of its natural composition) have a memory. Allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the jar before extinguishing (usually around 3-4 hours), as if the candle is extinguished too quickly, you may experience tunnelling. We also have trimmed the wick for you so you are all set for your first burn. After it, the wick should always be trimmed to 1/4” before each burn.

We trust you – like we have been taught as kids, please always be careful with fire. To prevent fire and serious injury, burn your candle within sight, and keep out of reach of children, pets, drafts or anything that can catch fire.

What are some weird spots on your candle, like the wax is not touching the glass?

Great questions! The wax is a living natural ingredient that changes over time based on multiple factors, including temperature. It ofter disappear after a couple of days once the room temperature where the candle is is stabilized. Rest assured that it won't affect the quality and burn time of the candle, everything will be as expected! At candēlae, we only sell locally hand-poured candles and we would never use stabilizers or chemicals products to prevent that from happening.

Do you provide returns or exchanges?

Unfortunately, giving the current situation, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges.

How do you get in touch with us?

You can contact us at hello@candelae.ca or you can send us a DM on Instagram.