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Recharge | Lavender & Cedarwood

Recharge | Lavender & Cedarwood

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Looking for a candle that will elevate your senses and soothe your spirit? 

With Lavender taking the lead with its calming and floral top notes, complemented by the grounding and woody Cedarwood, this candle creates a symphony of scents that will delight your senses. Lavender, renowned for its relaxing properties, combines seamlessly with Cedarwood's earthy aroma, resulting in the perfect fusion of nature's gifts.

But there's more to this candle than its captivating fragrance. Lavender is well-known for its ability to ease stress and promote a peaceful atmosphere, while Cedarwood's grounding influence can help you find your center in the midst of life's chaos. Whether you're winding down after a long day or seeking solace in your daily routine, our Lavender and Cedarwood candle is your key to a rejuvenating escape.

Scents: Lavender, Cedarwood

Candle details

Burning time: 45-50 hours
Wax: 100% premium soy wax
Wick: Natural lead-free cotton wick
Net weight: 7.5oz / 212 g

Locally hand-poured in small batches in Ontario.
Non-toxic burn. No paraffin. No artificial colouring.


Lavender, Cedarwood

Premium ingredients

Our candles are made of premium soy wax. We also use 100% cotton wicks, and picked our essential oils and fragrance with care from high-quality ingredients.


Once shipped, it will usually be 2 business days in the GTA, up to 4 business days in Ontario, and 8 business days in other provinces.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges at that time. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

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Emotions & Memories

Indulge in this candle's luxurious ambiance and experience the gentle embrace of Lavender and Cedarwood. Elevate your well-being and set the mood for relaxation with every glowing flicker. Illuminate your space, uplift your spirit, and embrace the harmony of nature with our Lavender and Cedarwood candle today.

Curated with love. Just for you and your loved ones.

Each candle is responsibly hand-poured locally in Toronto, ON, Canada, and placed in its box with a sophisticated satin ribbon that will reveal a unique note we can handwrite on your behalf.

  • How can you add a gift message?

    Click on the box that says 'Include a Gift Message?'.

    Add a note that we handwrite on your behalf, or an audio or video message that you record and we attach to the candle via a QR Code.

  • What are your candles made of?

    Our candles are made of premium soy wax. We also use 100% cotton wicks and picked our essential oils and fragrance with care from high-quality ingredients, free of potentially harmful additives.

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